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Cycling Gloves

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 Women’s Cycling Gloves

Cycling gloves are essential riding apparel for many reasons. Tour Cycling offers women the cycling glove that they need whether they are riding in the heat, in the cold or in a race where every aspect of their bike and their clothing requires them to be aerodynamic.

Our gloves, made by Assos, Castelli, Craft, Gore and Louis Garneau, absorb the shock that comes up from the road because they are padded in the right places. This padding also gives you a good grip on your handlebars and is ventilated so your hands can breathe. Gloves for very cold weather are thick, with an outer layer that blocks the wind and a design that keeps out the cold all the way up to your wrist. Even though these winter gloves are thick and protective, your hands are still fully functional so you can grasp, shift or break with no interference from the glove. We even have cycling gloves for women that are full-fingered so if you ride off road in the summer months your hands are fully protected but they stay cool.

Whether you want to ride on or off road and regardless of the season, Tour Cycling has the right women’s cycling gloves for you.