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Cycling Jerseys - Long Sleeve

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Women's Long Sleeve Cycling Jerseys

When you wear Tour Cycling’s long sleeve cycling jerseys for women the moist chilly air won’t stop you from mounting your bike and training throughout the cold winter months. Slip into our light performance jackets and you’ll ride just as hard and as comfortably as you do in warmer weather. We carry top brands like Castelli, Craft and Gore. These companies have invested years in research and have developed fabrics and designs that provide women's long sleeve cycling jerseys that fit, feel good and protect you from those elements that make it hard to ride in cold wet weather.

The fabrics in our women's long sleeve bicycle jerseys wick away sweat and almost magically evaporate it to the air so you stay dry and light. Maintaining your ideal performance temperature requires that your body stay dry. Our jerseys do just that. Blocking the wind that brings a chill to your bones is another attribute of some of the jerseys in the inventory while others are designed with a soft inner surface so you feel very comfortable spinning your legs in cold weather. Because they are ergonomically shaped to fit the curves of a woman’s body there is no extra flap in these jerseys due to loose-fitting material. When you wear one you will be completely aerodynamic. While your full arm and upper body are protected against the chill, many of these long-sleeve jerseys also have high collars to cover your neck. Even though you may start a ride needing protection, as the ride progresses and the temperature rises and your body heats up, you can easily slide the zipper down to let in some air.

Tour Cycling’s long sleeve cycling jerseys for women are defined by comfort and performance: they protect you from the elements while giving you complete freedom of movement.