Cycling Socks & Shoe Covers

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Women’s Cycling Socks and Shoe Covers

A cyclist’s feet are very susceptible to the cold and to the heat, so women cyclists must invest in the right socks and booties to protect these vulnerable extremities. Tour cycling carries the best gear for the feet, with brand names like Assos, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Louis Garneau and SIDI. When your bike in the rain, or when it’s windy, the cold is intensified. When you’re cycling in the summer, you need to make sure your feet are properly ventilated. Tour Cycling offers women's cycling socks that help wick moisture away so your feet stay cool in the summer, and socks and shoe covers that keep the cold out during the winter. Our socks also protect your feet from the abrasion that cycling shoes can cause.
Our women's biking socks come in different lengths. We have socks that cut off just below your ankles and expose your skin to cool air; socks that cover just above the ankle to give you a little extra protection; and socks that cover your calf and compress your skin, which helps to increase circulation and recovery. Our women’s cycling socks are for the performance minded rider. All of our women's biking socks, no matter what style, are designed to stay dry when you ride so your feet don’t become clammy. Sock fabric can vary, depending on whether you need a sock that keeps your feet cool in the summer, warm in the winter or dry in the rain.

Tour Cycling also offers women's cycling shoe covers that cover only the toe for wearing when the weather chills just a little, or that cover your entire cycling shoe when it gets colder. We even have toe covers that envelope all the way up above the ankle. We have women's cycling shoe covers for rainy days, cool days and even time trial days when you need to make your body as aerodynamic as you can make it.
Assos, Castelli, Craft, Gore, Louis Garneau and SIDI make great cycling apparel to protect your feet and Tour Cycling carries what you need.