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Women's Sidi Road Cycling Shoes

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SIDI has designed cycling shoes specifically for the woman’s foot. They’ve added in designs such as a narrow SIDI Heel Cup which conforms specifically to the shape of a woman’s foot. Each year, SIDI further perfects the fit and even comes out with lighter and more efficiently designed cycling road shoes. In 2014, three new women’s road cycling shoes have hit the market—the Wire Carbon Vent, the Five and the Genius Fit.
The Wire Carbon Vent is the higher priced of the three new SIDI cycling shoes has helped racers such as Yulia Blindyuk win the Russian National Championship. The Ergo 3 was the Vent’s predecessor. The Ergo used three different closure systems- the Ratcheting Caliper Buckle, Techno II Buckle, and Velcro Strap. SIDI designers simplified the design of the Wire Carbon Vent by creating one single closure system -- the new Tecno 3 buckle which has also made the Carbon Vent 60 grams lighter and 37% more rigid than the Ergo 3. Now lighter and easier to adjust, the Wire Carbon Vent is another SIDI breakthrough on cycling shoe design for the cyclist who needs every advantage when they ride or race their road bike.
The Genius Fit is the more economically priced SIDI shoe, but with all the advantages a stiff SIDI shoe that has a long lifespan. SIDI designers upgraded the technology of Genius 5 Pro but kept the same construction. The uppers are now made with Technomicro which has strands of microfiber material that is thinner than silk. With the soft feel of a natural leather skin, designers have added in the advantages of a stronger and lighter material. Ideal for shoe uppers, when it rains or the road is wet, the water bounces off the shoes which then dry quickly. 
The Five for Women is a favorite amongst pro and amateur women cyclists because it is now lighter without compromising any stiffness. To top off the qualities that enhance performance is the increase in comfort and longevity of the shoe. The Vent Carbon Sole® has been improved with SIDI’s new carbon composite sole that is 38 grams lighter while still maintaining the classic SIDI stiffness. The new Technomicro microfiber upper conforms better to the narrower shape of the woman’s foot as well as extending the life of the shoe by repelling water and drying quickly.