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Women's Winter Cycling Clothing

Winter brings cold and on some days wet weather. For some, these days means hanging up the bike until warm weather returns. For those women cyclists who don’t want to be stopped, Tour Cycling’s winter cycling apparel provides all the needed protection from head-to-toe so the love of cycling can continue in the cooler months.
Base layers provide that second layer that keeps you warm and keeps you dry.  The second layer also increases air circulation so you don’t heat up as your body heats up.
The long sleeve cycling jerseys and jackets are available for temperatures ranging from slightly cool to frigidly cold. Tour Cycling’s jackets protect you while allowing you full mobility so during the winter months you can keep riding hard and fast.
The cycling tights, knickers and leg/knee/arm warmers also vary in length and coverage.  You can cover anywhere from your entire midsection to your ankles as well as a just your arms and knees.  
To cover your sensitive hands and feet, Tour Cycling provides choices of a wide range of gloves, cycling socks and cycling shoe covers that protects in cool to extremely cold weather. 
Winter cycling head wear is also a must when the temperatures drop. Choose a headband to cover your ears to a cap to cover your head to a baklava to cover your entire head and neck.

Don’t let the winter cold weather slow you down, gear your cycling wardrobe with Tour Cycling’s generous selection of winter clothing.