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Cycling Time Trial Clothing

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Cycling Time Trial Clothing

Wind resistance will cost you valuable time on your time trial events.  Invesment in a quality time trial suit will reduce the wind coefficient and help cut minutes and seconds off your time. We carry the best suits with the technology used by pro and aggressive riders.

At Tour Cycling we understand that how aerodynamic you are can determine if you win or you fall into second third or even last place. We also understand that to be aerodynamic the smallest thing such as clothing that bunches has to be eliminated. At Tour Cycling we carry cyclingapparel that fits like a second skin.

In time trialing, aerodynamics is hugely important. We offer time trial clothing that is worn by the fastest time trialists in the country. Our cycling apparel has the cut and the fabric so there is no flap or crease when you are in the time trialing position. One piece time trial skin suits are highly popular because one piece of material hugs your body. The fabric in the time trial suit also has to be breathable. While you’re riding and running you don’t want your skin suffocating under the body suit. Not only do your lungs need to breathe, but also your skin needs oxygen so you can lay it out on the line while you are going at full effort for extended periods of time. The chamois in the cycling time trial clothing also has to be designed to protect you while you are in the time trial position. You don’t need to feel a bulky mass while you’re in the running leg of the triathlon which is one major factor that separates triathlon time trial clothing from apparel for bike racing. For triathlons, you need a chamois that’s padded only in the areas you need the padding the most.
Castelli uses the Power Stretch Lycra® fabric with no seams so as you ride and you run. You have a body suit that hugs your body with no chafing. Assos uses four way stretch panels which gives you a very aerodynamic suit. Louis Garneau has designed a highly functional and fast time trialing suit that can be used in road races because it has three rear pockets with stretch which carries cycling food but stays completely aerodynamic. All three manufacturers have created a chamois with two layers. The one closest to your skin is soft while the padding on the outside conforms to your body and protects you in the most sensitive areas while in the time trialing position. The feeling in the chamois of these time trial skin suits disappears while in the run. At Tour Cycling we offer cycling clothing that’s right for you.