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Winter Base Layers

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Men's Winter Cycling Base Layers

Cold winter days are not a cyclist’s favorite time to ride. Tour Cycling has all the base layer gear you need to be protected from the chill and the wet roads that you face in pre-season training. When you’re protected you can ride just as hard and long as you do on those fresh spring days.
Tour Cycling offers the winter cycling base layers for men you need – arm warmers, leg warmers, thermal tights, knee warmers, short and long sleeve cycling base layers. They are made by ASSOS, Craft, Castelli, Gore and Louis Garneau. These manufacturers of men's winter base layers have a long history of providing the best clothing for the best riders.

You can choose between short- and long-sleeve base layers which fit snugly under your jersey or winter jacket. The key quality in our men's cold weather cycling base layers is not only their ability to retain your body warmth but to also absorb and evaporate sweat. This is essential to maintain ideal performance-level body temperature. Windstopping base layers are another option we offer for those days when you plan to descend a mountain or ride into a head wind.
Our thermal tights are meant for very chilly days because they insulate your body heat and block the wind out. Our knee tights are for the days when there’s just a slight chill to the air and you need the protection on your sensitive knees. On those days that start out chilly but warm up as the ride progresses, our insulating, stretchy arm warmers are easy to slip off and store into your back pockets when your body heats up.
All of our men's cold weather cycling base layers are designed to protect you the cyclist from the cold and light enough so you’re not weighted down when you have to accelerate through a corner or climb a mountain.