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Winter Cycling Jackets

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Picture of Castelli Alpha Jacket

Castelli Alpha Jacket


Picture of Castelli Perfetto Vest

Castelli Perfetto Vest


Picture of ASSOS iJ.shaqUno - Jacket

ASSOS iJ.shaqUno - Jacket


Picture of Castelli Senza 2 Jacket

Castelli Senza 2 Jacket


Picture of ASSOS iJ.haBu.5 Jacket

ASSOS iJ.haBu.5 Jacket


Picture of ASSOS iJ.tiBuru.4 Jacket

ASSOS iJ.tiBuru.4 Jacket


Picture of Castelli Senza Jacket

Castelli Senza Jacket


Picture of Castelli Misto Jacket

Castelli Misto Jacket


Men’s Winter Cycling Jackets

On those cold drizzly days when the road’s wet and water sprays up onto your body, Tour Cycling has cycling jackets for men that guard your working body against the elements. Assos Castelli, Craft, Gore and Louis Garneau have spent years researching the pedaling bodies of top athletes. Through this research they have designed men's cold weather cycling jackets that completely protect your body from nasty weather. Bundled up in a jacket with multiple layers, you can completely step out of the house into a wet chilly morning and ride comfortably.
Tour Cycling has different men's winter cycling jackets for different purposes. Many of our cycling jackets are designed for dry cold days. The fabric in the inner layer is soft against your skin and it ensures body warmth stays close to you. The outer layer, lined with material that blocks out the wind, shields you from the inevitable breeze that cuts into your warmth. Even though your body heat is sealed in and the cold is blocked out, skin can still breathe because the fabric allows air to circulate.
A valuable trait of our cycling rain jackets is that when the rain lets up in the middle of your ride, you can pull off the rain jacket and fold it up into a small packet that you can store in your back jersey pocket. In many of our men's winter cycling jackets, there is a back flap which protects you from the water that sprays up from the ground. You are protected in every direction.
All winter cycling jackets for men offered by Tour Cycling are cut to fit the shape of a man’s body while in the riding position. The material in the jackets also compresses against your body so there’s no extra rain jacket flapping around as you are pedaling for speed. Freedom of movement and aerodynamics are designed into the material. Tour Cycling men's cold weather jackets are for the performance athlete.