Winter Cycling Jackets

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Winter has arrived and the day’s weather is hovering at freezing temperatures. For those women who want to keep riding their bicycle in the winter, Tour Cycling’s women’s winter cycling jackets are designed specifically for the woman who rides year round. Fitting and breathable, performance is never compromised in the jackets. Our cycling jackets are also layered so the female cyclist is protected from all of the winter’s elements: rain, wind and near freezing temperatures.

For the coldest days that bring freezing temperatures:
* ASSOS iJ.pompaDour_s7 Ladies' Jacket 
* Castelli Elemento Women’s Jacket. 
Mid-weight jackets for fall and early winter rides:
* Gabba Women’s Long Sleeve Jacket
* Castelli’s Illumina Women’s Cycling Jacket
* Castelli Magia Jacket
* Castelli Pazza Women's Jacket
Water repellent/resistant long sleeve cycling jackets:
* Castelli Caterina Women’s Jacket
* Castelli Women’s Sella Rain Jacket
* Confronto Women’s Jacket
* Women’s Sottile Jacket
* Castelli Velo Women's Jacket