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Winter Tights & Knickers

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Men's Winter Cycling Tights and Knickers

Bundling up from head to toe is the secret to riding through the cold winter months. Tour Cycling offers a variety of men's cycling tights and knickers which have been made by the top manufacturers of cycling clothes; Assos Castelli, Craft, Gore, and Louis Garneau .
On those days when you peep out the window and see ice on your windshield, you can slip into tights that criss-cross over your body. Even your upper body heat is sealed in. Our full body winter cycling tights for men also have a stirrup at the bottom of the leg so no cold air can sneak in. If you don’t want the complexity of dressing your entire body with body tights, we have tights that cover your from waist to ankle. When you don’t need full leg coverage, we also have knickers with ¾ legs. The ¾ design protects your knees, the most sensitive part of your legs to cold weather.

All of our men's winter cycling tights & knickers are windproof, water resistant and breathable. The knees are pre-shaped and stretchy which conforms to your legs while you pedal. Made with thermal material with flat lock stitching, you are kept warm with no chafing. Don’t let the cold air keep you glued to the TV while on the trainer. If you try out our high quality cycling tights, you’ll ride comfortably through the winter and be ready for the early spring racing. 

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