Winter Cycling Gloves

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Winter Cycling Gloves for Men

While cycling gloves are important when riding your bike in the summer, they are essential in the winter. Without the right pair of gloves, your hands go numb, you feel terrible and you have less control of your bike. Tour Cycling’s winter cycling  gloves for men keep your hands warm so you can ride in comfort.

Tour Cycling’s manufacturers’, Assos, Castelli, Craft and Gore, offer warm cycling gloves for men that protect your hands from a ride in freezing weather, a slight chill in the air or weather that’s just in between. In all of our men's winter cycling gloves you have full mobility of your hands and therefore full control of your bike. They also have grip material on the palm so your hands stay in place. Soft on the inside, durable on the outside, our gloves keep out the bad weather and give your hands a soft place to sit as you ride your bike through cold weather.
On those really cold days, you could wear a pair of gloves with soft thermo lining that insulates your hand’s warmth. Another layer within the glove absorbs your hands sweat and evaporates it into the outer layer. As a final touch to the design, the outside has a windstopper fabric that blocks away wind.

On race days that start with a light chill, Tour Cycling offers men's winter cycling gloves that are very light and act as a light layer to break the cool wind. As you battle the full field, your hands stay comfortable and you can turn and shift and break with no problem. 

The exposure of hands to cold weather is a serious topic. Tour Cycling only offers the highest quality functional warm cycling gloves for men. If you buy from us, you are guaranteed protection.