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Winter Cycling Gloves

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Good winter cycling gloves provide the following essential qualities to ensure a comfortable ride.
1- Warmth- Tour Cycling winter gloves block wind and have an insulating double layer to ensure your hands stay warm. We have light gloves for moderately chilly weather (Castelli Chiro 3 Gloves, Castelli Diluvio Gloves and Castelli Chromo Glove) all the way to cycling gloves with multiple layers for protection in below freezing weather (CW 4.0 Woman’s Donna Glove and ASSOS fuguGloves gloves).
2- Good grip- Silicone grip ensures your hands will always stay in contact with the handlebars. This is especially important when the weather is moist. The ASSOS earlyWinterGloves_s7 and the Castelli Lunga Gloves are examples of cycling gloves with silicone grip on the palm.
3- Absorb shock from the vibration of the road- A gel insert absorbs the shock while still allowing good contact with the handlebars. Those long rides over bumpy roads will have an effect on your hands if you do not wear the proper cycling gloves. The Castelli Nano XT Glove has top notch padding while still allowing you to have an excellent feel of the handles.

4- Water proof-  Gloves such as the Castelli Illumina Gloves have a high resistance to water which is necessary in snowy, wet winter weather.