Winter Cycling Socks

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Women, keep your feet warm in Tour Cycling winter socks and pedal with complete comfort during the colder months of the year.
The thermal qualities in Tour Cycling winter cycling socks keep your feet warm and stimulate circulation so your feet won’t go numb. Our socks are made with the classic Merino wool as well as synthetic materials that insulate and offer excellent breathability so your feet never get clammy. A compression band around the arch of the foot keeps the sock in place. The materials combined in the socks make them stretchy adding to the perfection of a fit that is required by a female cyclist whose feet are encased inside a stiff cycling shoe.

In sub-freezing weather, Tour Cycling winter socks will keep your feet cozy. 

For fall and early winter days:
* ASSOS earlyWinterSocks_s7
* Castelli Merino 9 Socks 
For colder winter days which go down to freezing temperatures 
* ASSOS fuguSocks_S7 
* Castelli Duo WS Socks