Winter Cycling Shoe Covers

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Avoid the toe freeze by wearing Tour Cycling shoe covers during the winter months. Toe covers protect the toes on chilly days and booties cover the entire foot and ankle so you are fully protected in freezing, wet weather. All of our cycling shoe covers fit well and are light. 
Protection in freezing and wet weather:
* ASSOS fuguBootie_s7, 
* ASSOS winterBootie_S7
* Castelli Diluvio Shoecover 16
* Castelli Diluvio All-Road 
For milder, but still moist training days:
* Castelli Belgian Bootie 4, 
* Castelli’s Pioggia 3 Shoecover 
* Castelli Narcisista All-Road Shoecover. 
Cold weather protection in highly aerodynamic cycling booties:
* Castelli Nano Shoecover 
* Castelli Aero Race Shoecover MR 
Toe Covers:
* Craft’s Winter Toe Cover 
* Louis Garneau T-Cover 
* SIDI Toe Covers