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ASSOS has brought its long sleeve cycling jerseys and cycling jackets up to a higher level of performance enhancement, increasing comfort and lowering the volume and weight. ASSOS combines AEPD race cut with cycling specific body mapping pattern. The AEPD race cut fits the contours of the body while in the cycling position and as a result the body is not restricted. In the ASSOS long sleeve cycling jerseys the body moves freely. The body mapping pattern is used when designing which fabrics to use in which parts of the jersey. Areas that sweat the most, such as under the arm, have the highest number of sweat absorbing fabrics. Areas that need the most aerodynamics, such as the shoulders, have the stretchiest fabrics woven into the material. Overall, ASSOS is known as a cycling clothing manufacturer that provides the highest quality cycling clothing. The S7 is the newest series of ASSOS cycling apparel. The following are the new avante garde fabrics discovered and designed into the long sleeve jerseys in the ASSOS headquarters in Switzerland.
What’s New?
* The Frontpanel of the ASSOS long sleeve jerseys is made with the new stratagonUltra airBlock fabric which offers the advantages of extreme stretch, extreme low volume and exceptional breathability. The fabric actually responds to your body temperature so it breathes when you need it and insulates when you’re cold.
* Side and rear panel made out of the new ASSOS Type.v X121 summer fabric dries 34% faster compared to previous generation. When your body stays dry, it can better maintain a healthy performance temperature. 
* Upper arms have a new, fleecy type of insulation fabric that is extra light. The arms layer your skin and keeps your arms warm and well protected while never compromising your ability to move freely. 
* The front of the collar now features airBlock protection.
* The full zip has a flap protection so air flows smoothly even over the zipper.
* Three rear pockets give its contents light water protection.
* WristWrap provides an even better fit along the wrists so no air can penetrate your warmth.