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Picture of ASSOS equipeSock_evo7

ASSOS equipeSock_evo7


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ASSOS toeCover_s7


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ASSOS winterBootie_S7


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ASSOS fuguBootie_s7


Want the perfect cycling sock, shoe cover or bootie?  There’s only one place to go: ASSOS.  ASSOS Shoe socks are worn by cyclists who know that if their feet aren’t comfortable the rest of their body won’t be either.  Whether you’re riding in the spring, summer, fall or winter, there are ASSOS cycling socks that will keep your feet happy so you’ll be comfortable and won’t lose your competitive edge on those long rides or in tough races.   In summer, breathability is especially important. In winter you want warmth without any dangerous moisture build-up.  At all times, compression without binding is essential. ASSOS socks are designed to meet these requirements.  And to protect your precious feet when the going is tough or the weather is especially challenging, you need an ASSOS shoe cover or bootie.  They come in a variety of styles for a number of specialized purposes and a range of temperatures: all the way from 21 0F to 90 0F.

Whether you’re wearing an ASSOS shoe sock or an ASSOS shoe cover there’s one thing you can always count on: top quality.  It’s what ASSOS is all about.
The ASSOS cycling shoe socks have a wide range of material so they keep your feet warm in the winter while breathing and cool in the summer. Whether you need light summer cycling socks or cozy winter cycling socks, the ASSOS socks will protect your feet while being very comfortable. In the winter socks, ASSOS RXQ-fabric s a breathable light material with top level thermal properties that work well in cold weather conditions. The strataGon air block protection blocks away that chilly air. In the summer, the light weight mesh is breathable and it keeps your feet dry. Contouring cuffs mold to your feet, elastic support banner keeps them in place and a natural antibacterial material bites out the stink.
The ASSOS shoe covers are a great way to block off that chilly late Fall and early Winter wind and protect your shoes from the debris on the road. Made with abrasion resistant material, these booties withhold many rides in rough weather.