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Castelli’s cycling shorts offer cyclists everything needed to maximize comfort and aerodynamics in a pair of shorts that supports the working body. In 2016, Castelli has upgraded some of its previous versions of shorts as well as introduced completely new designs. The Endurance X2 Short is made with Castelli’s Endurance Evolution fabric that supports the muscles and feels dryer in almost all conditions. These cycling shorts keep you as comfortable as possible on your longest rides. The Velocissimo Short is constructed to fit the body perfectly in the riding position. This year they added the new Doppio waistband for extra stretch around the stomach area. The Mondiale Women’s Short may look simple on the outside, but since it has been made with Castelli’s new Cinquanta fabric, the shorts feel exceptionally soft while providing unmatched support. Castelli uses its best Progetto X2 seat pad in the Endurance X2 and Mondiale shorts. The Progetto padding is designed specifically for either the man’s or woman’s body so no chafing occurs even on long, challenging rides. The Velocissimo Short features Castelli’s Kiss Air Seat pad which provides maximum comfort at a more affordable price.