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Castelli Base Layers

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Castelli Base Layers

Castelli cycling clothing offers two types of cycling base layers. One is made with heavier weight material, so your upper body and arms are covered and you’re kept warm in the winter. For the summer, Castelli has lighter short-sleeved or sleeveless layers that keep you cool in the summer. Over the Castelli summer base layers, you can slip on a short sleeve jersey and the base layer wicks away your sweat so you stay dry and cool. You ride comfortably through the heat. Over the Castelli winter base layers, you can slip on your long sleeve jersey and jacket and your body heat will be maintained. You can train and race for hours in the cold weather while many of your competitors stay inside for only an hour on the indoor trainer.

Both the winter and summer base layers have similarities in their design. Both are cut to hug your skin closely with light compression. You can easily cover your base layer with a well-fitting cycling jersey and there is no bunching of material. Both types of base layers are also made with fabrics with excellent moisture management. By staying dry, your cycling clothes can keep your body temperature at its ideal performance level. Seamless and lightweight, the base layers are the ultimate in comfort which is an absolute requirement of base layers since they are directly against your skin. Castelli base layers are a must in the winters and the summers.