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Castelli Socks

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Picture of Castelli Fatto 12 Sock

Castelli Fatto 12 Sock


Picture of Castelli Venti Sock

Castelli Venti Sock


Picture of Castelli Diverso Sock

Castelli Diverso Sock


Picture of Castelli Duo  WS Socks

Castelli Duo WS Socks


Picture of Castelli Merino 9 Sock

Castelli Merino 9 Sock


Picture of Castelli Riga 9 Socks

Castelli Riga 9 Socks


Picture of Castelli Free 9 Sock

Castelli Free 9 Sock


Picture of Castelli Logo 3 Socks

Castelli Logo 3 Socks


Picture of Castelli Logo 6 Sock

Castelli Logo 6 Sock


Picture of Castelli Sexy Sock

Castelli Sexy Sock


 Castelli Cycling Socks

At Tour Cycling, we offer the finest quality cycling socks that keep both your comfort and your performance in mind. We carry a wide range of Castelli cycling socks because in whatever climate these cycling socks have been designed with the most complex technology to protect your feet in a sport that exposes you to wet, dry, heat, cold and strain.

While some of the Castelli cycling socks have thicker Merino wool for more insulation, Castelli carries thinner yet still warm Castelli socks that fit into your snug cycling shoe. For the summer Castelli cycling socks, Coolmax with Meryl Skinlife anti-bacterial fibers keep your feet aired out and odor free. Both the winter and summer socks are both able to wick away sweat so you stay dry and keep intact and fresh through miles of usage. The Skinweb weave ventilation ensures that your feet breathe without feeling chilled while the mid-foot support keeps the cycling sock in place so you get protected where you need it the most. If you want warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer, and comfort year round the Castelli cycling socks offer what you need.