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Craft Base Layers

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Craft Base Layers

Whether you’re riding hard in the cooler months or in the heat of summer, your cycling apparel must work for you to enhance performance.  This is exactly what a Craft base layer can do.  When it’s hot, and you’re body temperature threatens to rise, a Craft baselayer made with one of the company’s COOL Mesh fabrics is designed to keep you fresh so you can concentrate on staying ahead of the pack instead of worrying about heat stroke.  When the thermometer dips into cooler ranges, and you know there’s a long tough ride ahead of you, wear a Craft long sleeve baselayer or perhaps a Craft short sleeve baselayer made with ZERO, ZERO Extreme or Pro Zero Extreme fabric.  It will help to keep your body temperature where it needs to be so you can ride fast.  All Craft base layer garments are designed to move sweat quickly away from the skin and, ultimately, out to the air.  This is achieved through a combination of fabric technology and Craft’s unique body-mapping system that directs air flow where it is most needed for microclimate control.   

Craft has been studying what happens to athletes’ bodies when they’re cycling, running or skiing since 1977 to determine exactly what’s needed for fit, comfort and performance.   Craft baselayers benefit from those 37 years of research – and you can too.