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Comfort, comfort, comfort, comfort. Every part of the Craft cycling bib shorts and cycling shorts leads to feeling comfortable on the bike. The four-way elasticity that supports your muscles and gives you a perfect fit makes you feel comfortable when riding in Craft cycling bib shorts and cycling shorts. The multiple panels that stretch and then rebound on every pedal stroke, ensure that the fit is constant and your aerodynamic position is never compromised.

The fibers in the Craft bibs also thermo-regulate your body temperature so when it’s cold you stay cozy and when it’s hot you stay fresh. One of the factors behind this thermoregulation is the material’s ability to stay dry. When you sweat, the combination of two layers of fabrics draws up sweat and evaporates it to the air. In between these two layers, air circulates so your skin can breathe.

The varying density foam pads with reinforced gel pads absorb the vibration of the road without being bulky. The 4-way stretch and anatomic molded design places the pads in the areas you need them the most. The seat pads are comfortable without being cumbersome. Having the cycling bib shorts designed for your body’s demands can make the difference in how much effort you are willing to put into the pedals. Craft bibs work hard to keep you feeling good so you’re willing to raise the effort threshold.