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When you are riding in the heat, your Craft cycling jerseys keep you from overheating and when pedaling in the cold, they protect you from the bite of winter. Being comfortable leads to you performing at your highest potential. For the racer and hard core rider who taxes their body to the extremes, sustaining body temperature is essential.

Craft cycling jerseys are body-mapped. Cooling fabric has been woven into the areas where your body heats up the most. In the areas that need the most ventilation, mesh inserts have been placed to ensure your skin doesn’t suffocate. In the areas you sweat the most, fabric has been strategically positioned to absorb and evaporate your sweat. Craft body-maps its cycling jerseys so they can place the needed fabrics in the needed areas. This minimizes the bulk of your jersey so you stay light and ultimately ready to ride hard.

Craft jerseys are also ergonomically cut to fit you in the riding position. This fit is not only comfortable, it also keeps the material from flapping around and dragging in the wind. Maintaining your body temperature in a jersey that fits right is the ultimate goal that Craft has achieved after years of researching the athlete’s active body. If you ride in Craft cycling jerseys, you’ll feel good.