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Gore Bike Wear Bibs

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Gore Bike Wear Bib shorts do what Gore Bike Wear clothing is known to do—shield from the rain, wind and summer elements. The Windstopper Soft Shell® garments are engineered to keep you dry so whether you sweat a pint or pedal through a light drizzle, the fabric is designed to keep you dry. Windproofness with maximum breathability is what makes these shorts a defender against the elements while giving you cycling bibtights where you have complete freedom of movement. Besides shielding you from the wind and rain, Gore Bike Wear Bibs have a soft mid-layer that feels smooth and comfortable against your skin.

Engineers of the Gore Bike Wear bib shorts have created separate seat pads for the woman and man. Ergonomically designed with padding in the right places, the bib tights protect you where you need it the most with no unnecessary bulk. The Ozon Seat Pad is for the endurance rider. The XENON seat insert is Gore Bike Wear’s most complex design and it’s made for the elite performance minded rider. Gore engineers made the XENON SONIC, the lightest seat insert, for the racer where bulk and weight matter. Whether you are looking for good padding for long rides or a thin chamois for short fast rides, Gore Bike Wear gives you the options to choose.

The designs of the Gore bibs has come after 20 years of very high tech rigorous testing which has resulted in the best possible combination of comfort and protection. The elements of weather, whether hot or cold, wet or dry will not stop you from hitting the roads when you are wearing Gore Bike Wear bib shorts.