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Cycling Eyewear

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Cycling eyeglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the damage of UV rays and debris that flies off the road. Tour Cycling offers a wide range of both Tifosi and ASSOS sunglasses that fit your face and offer varying levels of shade whether you are riding in the bright of day or in the darkness of night.
Without a clear view of the road ahead you can be in danger on your bike. Tour Cycling carries award-winning Tifosi cycling glasses that ensure your vision is clear. This cycling eyewear has superior optics designed for all types of weather and riding conditions: bright sunny days, rainy days or overcast days when there’s debris flying up off the road onto your face. Hydrophilic nose pieces ensure comfortable, secure positioning plus protection from water seeping in. Lenses are shatterproof, eliminate distortion in peripheral vision, and protect from damaging UV rays. Our Tifosi sunglasses won’t fog up, so your vision is clear and you can see where you need to ride whether it’s on a wet, cool winter morning, or a steaming hot, sunny summer afternoon. Our wide selection of models and styles allows you to choose the perfect pair of Tifosi cycling sunglasses for exactly what you need. Ride safe!
Transition Rate
The transition rate, measured in percentages, of your Tifosi sunglass lens is important to understand so that you know what level of protection you will receive when you choose to go outside to ride your bike, run, hike or play any sport in your Tifosi sunglasses. The transmission rate is a percentage given which describes the amount of sunlight that goes through the lenses of your sunglasses and into your eyes. The percentages run from 0% (black night) to 100% (bright sunlight). Each range in between falls into different categories:
Category 0: 80 – 100% 
Category 1: 46 – 79 % 
Category 2: 18 – 45 % 
Category 3: 8 – 17 % 
Category 4: 3 – 8 %
Technology behind the ASSOS eyewear goes beyond comparison making it the ideal glasses for the cyclist or athlete in motion. The Carl Zeiss Lens in the ASSOS sunglasses has a full 180 degree field of vision with zero optical distortion. As a result, you feel your surroundings and you are connected with clear vision of other cyclists, motorists, the road or trail and any obstacles along the way. Cyclists must see the exact depth of field as they ride their bikes. The technology behind the lens ensures you will view any obstacle along the way with precise vision.  
ASSOS offers these sunglass models: 
* The Noire is made of a black frame and black lens- good for bright days.
* The Werksmannschaft is made of a white frame and black lens- good for bright days.
* The Amplify is made of a black frame and yellow lens- good for low lit rainy, early morning or evening rides.
* The Exploit is made of a gold black frame and brown lens which makes it a slightly darker lens than the Amplify.  The Exploit is good for days that have a little more sun than a rainy or early morning ride.
* The Crystal is made of a transparent frame and lens- good for riding at night.