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Team Radio Shack- Craft
Top quality cycling apparel plays an essential role in athletic performance. Swedish manufacturer CRAFT had been designing the clothing for Team Leopard Trek and, since the merger with Team Radio Shack, became the supplier to both teams. These teams demanded top quality apparel from Craft. With 30 years of experience to back them up, Craft researched ways to make the best apparel to handle all types of weather conditions and to enhance rider performance. This is the line of superior cycling apparel and Team RadioShack gear that Tour Cycling offers: everything that these team riders wear, from RadioShack cycling jerseys and Team RadioShack bibshorts, to gloves, socks, head gear, shoe covers and even cycling caps.

The RadioShack cycling jerseys and Team RadioShack bibshorts offered by Tour Cycling have the same design as what is worn by Andy Schleck, the runner up in both the 2009 and 2010 Tour de France. The demands of such riders as Andy require that a jersey has comfort built into the fabric. No matter how much his body works and in whether he is descending from the top of a chilly mountain or beating the heat on an all out flat drag race, his body has to feel good. Not only is Andy’s performance never compromised by his cycling apparel, but it’s actually enhanced because of the advanced technology used to construct the cycling apparel. Tour Cycling also offers replicas which are very similar to the Team RadioShack clothing worn by the pros such as Andy and Frank Schleck, but for the more cost conscious cyclist.

CRAFT cycling clothing is not only extremely comfortable, but the jerseys have body mapped designed into the weave of the fabric so that it wicks away moisture where it needs it the most. The fabric also breathes so while your body is working hard to ride fast, your skin stays cool and fresh. The cut fits the contours of your body and you are guaranteed to be aerodynamic without the jersey compromising your movement. The cycling bib-tights have chamois’ with layered padding so you are protected without too much bulk. The fabrics compress your skin enough to enhance circulation and speed recovery but they are not too tight so you feel smothered and uncomfortable. In both the jerseys and bib-tights the complex combinations of fabrics maintain your body temperature so when you ask your body to excel, it can.
The remaining cycling apparel is also designed for the performance rider. Socks and the shoe covers protect your feet but are designed to have a smooth transition from the material to your ankle so you are perfectly aerodynamic. The gloves and the head pieces keep you warm without being too heavy. Craft Team RadioShack clothing is made for the rider who wants to focus on performing at his highest.

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