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Picture of Kask Protone Helmet

Kask Protone Helmet


Picture of Kask INFINITY Helmet

Kask INFINITY Helmet


Picture of Kask VERTIGO Helmet

Kask VERTIGO Helmet


KASK Cycling Helmets
 Team SKY chose KASK helmets because they are very light with a streaming aerodynamic style and a shell that protects your head.
 Tour Cycling offers both KASK road and time-trial helmets. The KASK helmets integrate a
 hinged adjustment system that lets you adjust the size into a perfect fit. KASK engineers have
 given you the choice of using the dial or finger push system to adjust your KASK cycling helmet. This
 system allows you to easily adjust while pedaling your bike so your helmet fits snugly and
 comfortably on your head. The helmet is secured by an anti-allergic and washable chinstrap
 which is exceptionally comfortable without irritating your skin. Comfort and protection come in
 one package in all KASK bike helmets.
 The ventilated, non-stick pads add the extra touch to an outstanding fit which you don’t find in
 many helmets. The pads also absorb heat and sweat from your head so you stay dry and
 comfortable. The vast number of ventilation holes in between the padding reduces the head-to-
 pad contact area by 70% over standard designs. Even though there is more ventilation, the
 aerodynamic design is not compromised.
 When designing these helmets, KASK engineers took into account the high level of risk cyclists
 face every day. The shock absorption designed into the KASK bike helmets ensures a very high level
 of protection in case of a crash. To protect cyclists, they designed an “in-moulding” system in
 many of the helmets. Joining the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate, shock to the
 head is absorbed. In all the helmets, the strengthening frame keeps the helmet from breaking into
 many pieces in the case of a crash.
 Besides the ultimate in protection and comfort, the sleek design and colors of a KASK cycling helmet
 make you look good. When you ride and race in KASK helmets, you ride with protection and