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In 2014, SIDI introduced the new Dominator Fit mountain bike shoe which replaced its predecessor, the Dominator 5 mountain bike shoe. The Dominator Fit has a better fit, hence the new name. A new upper and a softer tread compound create not only a better fit, but a longer life span for the mountain bike shoe which typically must withstand the mud and debris on the trails. The upper in the Dominator Fit is made with the new Technomicro material which feels like soft leather but with more resilience. The material conforms better to the shape of your foot so it fits with more perfection. The fit improves comfort and performance. Stronger than the previous material used in the uppers, Technomicro also repels water and dries quickly. The Dominator Fit is a good investment for the long term because these mountain bike shoes can handle the wear of what you and your shoes face on the trails.  Not to be out done, the SIDI Spider MTB shoe and the Drako MTB shoes can also provide that SIDI competitive edge in different style variations.