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Sidi Triathlon Cycling Shoes

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SIDI engineers have come out with a new sole for cycling shoes that fit the demands of the endurance riders. The Eleven Carbon/Composite Sole® is incredibly stiff but has a little more controlled flex in the toe. The flex increases blood circulation which helps when asking your body for a constant total effort of a triathlon or a time-trial. The resulting comfort also helps to keep the body motivated to push to the limit and still have the legs for the run. 

Durability also must be mentioned. Resistant to absorbing water and the rays of the hot sun, the Carbon/Composite Sole keeps its rigidity so the life of the cycling shoe is much longer than the traditional shoe with a nylon sole. 
The Vent Carbon Sole® is also used in SIDI cycling shoes for the triathlete. This sole is the lightest sole around so cyclists and triathletes who place high importance on weight should go with shoes that have the Vent Carbon Sole®.
Another detail that has been designed into the triathlon shoes is the anti-slip insert in the toe and
the replaceable polyurethane heel pad. These additions help to make the transitions in a triathlon smoother.
When in a time-trial or a triathlon, comfort is essential. SIDI engineers have placed a brushed interior with minimal seams inside the shoes. The softness helps to keep your feet fresh and ready for a transition of slip into the running shoes and go. The SIDI heel cup stabilizes the foot into the shoe which does two things-- power transferring directly into the pedal and a stable place for the foot to keep in place so they won’t rub and get sore. These are more traits that help to keep your feet ready for the run.
The SIDI triathlon shoes are made with Lorica®, a synthetic leather that has the comfort of leather but is more durable and resistant to water.  The Lorica® leather is one more factor that adds to the longevity of your SIDI cycling shoe.
SIDI has designed their triathlon cycling shoes for the athlete who is ready to go all out. The shoes adapt to transitions and are comfortable over long periods of constant effort.  They also last long so you’re SIDI cycling shoes will get you feeling good through many triathlons.