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Winter Cycling Warmers

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Leg and arm warmers allow cyclists to stay warm when they start a ride in chilly weather but then to slip off the warmers when the body warms up along with the weather. Arm warmers can also be used on long mountain descents. On the climb, carry the arms warmers in your back jersey pocket and once you crest the climb, reach back, pull out the arm warmers and then slip them on so the buffeting wind on a descent doesn’t chill your body. For the legs, you can choose from leg and knee warmers. When it gets cold, a cyclist has to be very conscious of his knees. Cold wind can chill joints and cause discomfort and even injury. Each of the pieces offered by Tour Cycling has different features that appeal to different riders in different types of weather. The Castelli Thermoflex warmers are made with the ThermoFlex® Stretch, a durable polyurethane-based material that has high stretch and rebound. The soft-hand matte finish offers a cyclist an exceptionally smooth surface. The Castelli Nanoflex warmers are for wet days. The Nanoflex fabric repels water thanks to a DWR finish and millions of ultra-tiny nanofilaments where droplets of water bead up on the surface and run off. The Ale Klimatik warmers have the same features that protect a cyclist in cold rain. The Castelli Lycra warmers have been designed specifically for cycling, a sport in which a cyclist requires lightweight fabric that is highly breathable. While the Thermoflex warmers are made for cooler days, the Lycra warmers are made for warmer days when you ride hard but still need a little extra protection. The Lycra warmers can also be used as a piece that can block wind on warmer days. The ASSOS arm and leg protectors have the same features of blocking out wind while still allowing your body to breathe and stay dry. The Craft warmers thermoregulate which means that they keep your body in just the right temperature range. The Craft warmers insulate the body when cold and dissipate heat when your body is warming up. Louis Garneau and Gore Bike Wear also have these wind-blocking features while still allowing air to circulate so you stay cool and dry. All leg and arm warmers offered by Tour Cycling are designed specifically for the bike—the warmers adjust to the shape of your body and they move with you as you ride.