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Castelli Perfetto & Gabba

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What’s the secret to riding comfortably in wet conditions - The right cycling clothes made with the right fabrics along with a design that makes riding in the cold wet weather much more manageable. 

Castelli’s bibtights, bibknickers and bib shorts are made with Castelli’s Nano Flex fabric that’s breathable on those drier days,yet during rainy condisiton, the rain will roll off the surface. While the Nano Flex fiber isn’t 100% waterproof, it does repel water.  The fabric also has an outstanding warmth and stretch-ability. The Castelli Nanoflex tights, bibtights, bib shorts, arm warmers and leg warmers are excellent to use during the cooler months when the air is moist and cold. Tour Cycling also offers protection for the feet. The Castelli Nano Flex shoecovers keep the cold rain away from your sensitive feet. Your toes won’t numb up in the Nano Flex shoecovers.
The Castelli Gabba jerseys and jackets are made with Castelli’s Gabba fabric which is phenomenal because it keeps out the rain, wind and cold while still allowing skin to breathe. In 2013, the Gabba was a preference for many of the top racers in the world because comfort and protection from the elements are combined in a performance fit jersey and jacket. In 2014, Castelli upgraded this already exceptional design with the Gabba 2 Jerseys and Jackets. A flap over the zipper was added so no extra draft intrudes into your body warmth and the drainage in the pockets has been improved so rain will quickly drain. The construction of the waistband has also been improved creating a more secure fit.