Ale Bike Wear

Ale Category Description After 30 years of creating race quality cycling clothing, Alé Bike Wear is known as the “100% Made in Italy” company that manufactures cycling clothing for the lean racer and the rider who just loves to ride his/her bike. Alé stretches the limits to make affordable cycling clothing for everyone; close-fitting aerodynamic clothing for the racer or a more relaxed fit for a rider who just wants a leisurely ride through the countryside. The PRR series of clothing is designed to maximize every aerodynamic advantage for the cyclist. After intensive research of the racer in the leaned over bike position, Alé created garments for the competitor whose ultimate goal is to perform well on the bike. Several features of the PRR clothing address the most common challenges that face the road racer: how to stay cool, be lightweight, aerodynamic and ensure that the body is protected from road rash. In Alé’s short sleeve jerseys, air circulates through the micro-perforated fabrics that are very lightweight and lie flat against the skin. Carbon fabric on the side and back of the clothing dissipates heat away from the body and it protects against road rash. In the bib shorts, the material is made of a combination of high density fabrics that compress the skin while allowing air to circulate. This aerodynamic surface is very breathable making these shorts great for summer time racing. The 4H shammy area has the right amount of padding to protect on long rides and races while not getting in the way of a smooth pedal stroke. A central relief channel has been added to protect nerves from being pinched. The fabric around the 4H shammy is durable so the material doesn’t wear down from constant abrasion against the seat. The Plus series of jerseys and bib shorts has many of the same features that keep the rider cool and dry as the PRR series. The difference with the PRR series is that the Plus series shorts and jerseys have a loser fit without losing the aerodynamic qualities needed by a cyclist who rides against the wind. The Excel Jersey series is made with quick drying and very light polyester fabric with elastic sleeves that fits many body types. The Excel and Plus Bib Shorts are made with the 2H shammy which protects on medium distance rides. The Classic Jerseys provide a classic look in both a short and long sleeve jersey. The Classic Vernona Bib Shorts also have that classic look but with the modern comfort of lightweight fabrics and a protective shammy pad. The Corsa Kid’s Short Sleeve Jersey and Bib Shorts are made for the young rider who is just starting to develop a passion for riding a bike.