Ale Bike Wear Men's SS Jerseys

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Tour Cycling offers Ale Short-Sleeve Jerseys that have a loose, relaxed fit for the larger rider and jerseys with a compressive fit for the lean racer type. Ale clothing is designed to adjust to the cyclist’s body as he rides so the clothing fits different body shapes and sizes. Ale has spent years researching how the cycling body moves and now makes cycling clothing for amateur and professional cyclists worldwide. The company designs apparel that meets the needs of diverse cyclists in various types of events.

PRR is a design philosophy Ale has developed after years of researching the movement of cyclists on the road and in wind tunnels. The results of this testing are the development of a series of top level ultra-light, close fitting, aerodynamic cycling jerseys that fit the racer on the bike. The following are Ale’s PRR jerseys.

* Ale PRR 2.0 Jersey
* Ale PRR Ale Ale Jersey
* Ale PRR Bermuda Jersey
* Ale PRR Krakatoa Jersey
* Ale PRR Ponente Jersey

The Ultra series of jerseys are made with fabrics that adjust to the shape of the body in motion. The combination of different fabrics used in the Ultra help to protect the rider from different weather conditions and in different seasons. This design is for the cyclist who loves to ride his bike and be comfortable as he rides long distances in the four seasons. The jerseys have been designed after testing done on racers in the Italian Gran Fondo races. Tour Cycling offers the following Ale Ultra jerseys:

* Ale Ultra Flegrei Jersey
* Ale Ultra Jersey

The Plus series of jerseys are made with breathable, light and durable fabrics that are combined to fit the shape of all body types. The Ale Plus Cerro is a jersey that fits more loosely but doesn’t lose its body-hugging construction.