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Ale Bike Wear Bibs

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The Ale Bib Shorts are close fitting with top-of-the-line chamois pads that fall into three categories:

The PRR are multi-panel bib shorts made with highly compressive fabrics. The tight-fitting bib shorts are aerodynamic and they improve recovery by preventing lactic acid from overloading the muscles. The PRR bib shorts are designed for the racer.  The following are PRR bib shorts:     

* Ale PRR 2.0 Bib Short (women and men)
* Ale PRR Ale Ale Bib Short (women and men)
* Ale PRR Bermuda Bib Short (women and men)
* Ale PRR Krakatoa Bib Short (women and men)
* Ale PRR Ponente Bib Short (women and men)

While the Plus bib shorts are made to fit a wider range of body types, they are still form-fitting for the cyclist who is in the riding position.

* Ale Plus Cerro (men and women)
* Ale Plus Bib Short (women)

The Ultra are made with Ale’s “comfort fit” concept so the cyclist stays comfortable on longer rides and in different types of weather. The Ultra bib shorts are also durable so their comfort and performance qualities last through many long rides.

* Ultra Bib Shorts (men)
* Ale Ultra Fleggrei Bib Shorts (men)
* Ale Ultra Libeccio Bib Short (women)