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Ale Bike Wear Triathlon Wear

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Ale Triathlon Clothing is water-resistant, lightweight, highly breathable and they all fit like a second skin. Made for both male and female triathletes, the skinsuits are sleeveless and come with either a front or back zipper. Teflon coated fabric makes the skinsuits resistant to water penetration so the triathlete can swim and not be weighed down by water. On the transition from water to bike leg, the water from the swim leg rolls off the skinsuit so the triathlete begins the bike portion of the triathlon free from moisture. The chamois pads are designed to protect the triathlete while in the time trial position on the bike, but they are also thin enough at the sides so the pad doesn’t rub against the wearer’s leg in the final stage of a run. Tour Cycling also offers Ale triathlon shorts with all the qualities that an athlete needs to be comfortable enough in a triathlon so he or she can focus on performance.