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Ale Bike Wear Jackets

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Tour Cycling offers different types of Ale cycling jackets that protect in weather ranging from 23 to 50 F (-5 to 15 C).  The three winter jackets (Ale Ale, Krakatoa and Ponente) are constructed with a triple layer fabric and a high collar. Windproof fabric on the front blocks wind and thermal fleece fabric on the back wicks sweat so you stay dry. When worn alone, this style of winter jacket keeps you warm in above freezing weather.  When worn over an Ale long sleeve jersey, the jackets keep you warm when you are on a training ride in freezing weather. The Ale Clima medium weight jacket is more protective than the lighter Ale jackets. The medium Clima, when worn on its own, keeps you warm in freezing weather. When the Clima jacket is doubled-up with an Ale long sleeve jersey, you have protection in sub-freezing weather.  Layering is the key to staying comfortably warm in cold weather. When it’s very cold, the Ale Clima heavy-weight jacket protects you in weather that drop well below freezing.