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ASSOS USA Cycling Apparel

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For the next five years, the Swiss company, ASSOS, will clothe Team USA at all international road, mountain bike, cyclocross and track races. ASSOS clothing will cover the cycling bodies of Olympic athletes in the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. World class athletes require the best cycling clothing to protect them against summer heat, winter cold, rainy and windy days. ASSOS offers clothing specific for use in each of these elements. USA Cycling CEO Derek Bouchard-Hall said that Team USA chose ASSOS clothing because “the quality of their products is unmatched and to have the USA Cycling Team competing in their clothing is a powerful advantage. We are thrilled to have ASSOS clothing for not just Rio, but all the way through Tokyo as well.” ASSOS has spent four decades clothing the top racers in the world. ASSOS introduced the S7 series of clothing which has taken a step up in performance-enhancing athletic clothing. The ASSOS T.equipeShorts_S7 are the bib shorts worn by the men. The T.equipeShorts_S7 are a low volume, supportive pair of bib shorts made specifically for a racer that requires only the best. The H.LaalalaShorts_S7 are the cycling shorts for the female athletes on Team USA. These shorts are designed specifically for the woman’s body so comfort is combined with performance. The SS.Jersey has a classic graphic design of the original Team USA cycling clothing but with the advantages of modern ASSOS fabrics and aerodynamic design. In addition to the above items, ASSOS Bib Shorts, Cap and Socks worn by Team USA are also offered at Tour Cycling.