Cycling Base Layers

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Men's Cycling Base Layers

Whether you’re riding your bike through the cool fall and winter months or speeding down the road during the heat of summer, Tour Cycling offers men’s cycling base layers that provide that extra protection from the weather that all cyclists need if they want to stay fit year round. When wearing a quality cycling base layer, hard core cyclists can face the elements so they can train and race throughout the year regardless of the weather. ASSOS, Castelli, Craft and Gore are our choices for suppliers of men’s base layer apparel because these manufacturers carry the highest quality cycling clothing available on the market. The best performing men’s cycling base layer clothing may be that one key element that allows a cyclist to be comfortable on his bike.

All cycling base layers for men available through Tour Cycling are made with advanced high-tech fabrics. These fabrics have the ability to pull the sweat that accumulates as you ride away from your body out to the surface of the garment where it evaporates to the air. This action helps to regulate body temperature and keep it in a range that’s ideal for the cyclist whose focus is to perform at his highest level.
In addition to their wicking ability, our men's cycling base layer clothing contours your body closely without being constrictive and they will fit perfectly under your cycling jacket or jersey. Our winter cycling base layers are made with fabrics that keep your body heat in while wicking away sweat so you stay dry and warm. On the other hand, our summer cycling base layers have the amazing ability to circulate air through the fabric layer so you stay cool.

The seamless, one piece or near seamless construction you’ll find in the cycling base layers for men offered by Tour Cycling are extra pluses. These garments will feel soft against your skin and are designed to not chafe. As with all cycling apparel, weight is a major consideration. ASSOS, Castelli, Craft and Gore all make base layers that are lightweight so you have the protection you need without the extra ounces that can weigh you down.

Long sleeve, short sleeve, high-neck cut or open neck, at Tour Cycling we offer every style of men’s cycling base layer you might need. Whether you’re planning your year-round cycling program or getting ready for a special event, check out the full range of men’s cycling  base layers available on this Web site.