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Cycling Vests

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The cycling vests for men in Tour Cycling's inventory have that subtle ability to protect you from a slight dribble of moist rain or a chilly breeze on cool fall morning rides. Our men's cycling vests can change a slightly uncomfortable day on the bike into a productive training ride in weather that doesn’t hinder your effort on the bike.

We carry men's biking vests by Castelli, Craft, Gore and Louis Garneau.  We feel that the level of complex design in the fabrics of their cycling vests for men not only protect you from the elements, but the fabrics are also designed to make you feel good on the bike. In Tour Cycling vests, performance riders can be ensured that their skin can breathe and their bodies can move with no restrictions.

Even though our vests protect you, they are light and very aerodynamic so the only difference you feel when wearing our men's cycling vests is the protection from the elements that scares away less dedicated cyclists. Water resistant, windproof and breathable, you can choose the cycling vest that best fits your needs and your body. We offer many choices.