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Cycling Helmets

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The number one reason behind wearing a cycling helmet when you ride your bike is to PROTECT your HEAD. Tour Cycling helmets have high safety standards so the helmets do their job. Yet, they also have extreme aerodynamics along with top notch ventilation designed into the helmet. Our cycling helmets are for those with performance in mind.
We have the KASK rounded helmets worn by Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins of Team SKY to win the Tour de France 2 years in a row. These are designed to be worn on the road, yet they also have extreme aerodynamics of a TT helmet. While the helmets are rounded with less vents making them more aerodynamic, they are designed so that air flows through vents ensuring ultimate ventilation. 
Tour Cycling’s more traditionally designed KASK helmets with multiple vents are exceptionally light and stylish.
Aero helmets save you 30-60 seconds for every hour of riding. The K.31 CRONO Helmet and the Louis Garneau Vortice Helmet are Tour Cycling’s two TT helmets. These helmets fit perfectly while allowing air to flow over effortlessly making you just that much faster in the bike leg of your triathlon or your time trial.