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Cycling Shorts

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Cycling Shorts- men

For the cyclist who doesn’t want the extra material of a pair of bibs strapped over their shoulders, Tour Cycling offers many different cycling shorts. Our cycling shorts are for different types of bodies riding in different environments. Whether you want a relaxed fit for those easy long endurance rides or an aerodynamically designed pair of shorts that compresses your skin and helps you recover on each pedal stroke, Tour Cycling has the cycling shorts you need.

Tour Cycling carries cycling shorts manufactured by Castelli, Craft, Gore, Assos and Louis Garneau. Our manufacturers have designed both comfort and performance enhancement into their cycling shorts. The high-quality construction is made with fabrics that manage moisture so you stay dry. Rain even bounces off the same fabric that evaporates your sweat. Our shorts also keep you warm on those chilly rides while the fabric allows air to circulate so your skin can breathe. The same circulation can even help to keep you cool on those hot days.

Our brand partners have spent many years and are on a constant search for the ideal cycling apparel, have produced cycling shorts with such complex construction that they can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The chamois in our shorts are multilayered so the layer against your skin is smooth and comfortable. There is no chafing, no matter how long you pedal on the saddle. Now the layer against the seat is made with a breathable padding that protects you. Thick only where you need it, you have the protection without the bulk.
Cycling shorts have never been as well designed as what is out on the market now. Tour Cycling offers the best cycling shorts. Take a look at what we have and you’ll find the shorts that fit your body and give you what you need for comfort and performance as you ride your bike in heat, cold, rain, up mountains or speeding through corners