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Men's Winter Cycling Clothing

Men’s Winter Cycling Clothing

When riding your bike during the winter months, choosing the right winter cycling apparel is essential for comfort. Tour Cycling has all the men's winter cycling apparel you need to stay fit from head to toe to fingertip. Layering your clothing on those cool days has several benefits. Body warmth gets trapped in between the layers so you stay warm and on days when the temperature is biting your skin in the morning but it warms up as your training progresses, you can stay cool by peeling off one of the layers.

Tour Cycling carries a large variety of men's winter cycling clothing. You can slip into one of our short- or long-sleeve base layers and be ensured you’ll be comfortable and warm. The material is body-mapped so it wicks away sweat where you need it the most. The fabric also insulates in those areas that are mostly hit by the cold wind. The seamless design of the clothing is soft against your skin and the base layers fit snugly. They feel like a second skin so you can glide into your snug long-sleeve cycling jersey with no problems. Long-sleeve winter cycling jerseys can be added on top of your base layers or they can be worn alone when there’s just a slight chill in the air. Made with high collars to block out the wind, you can choose a full-length or short zippered long sleeve. When you need that extra protection, you can choose from cycling jackets that protect you from the cold or wet weather. Windproof, water resistant and extremely breathable, our arm warmers and leg warmers defend you from those wet winter rides. Your lower body also needs to be shielded. Full body  cold weather bib-tights that envelope your upper body are a great way to shield out the cold. With just a little less material, we also have waist to ankle cycling tights. The material in our tights compresses your skin. You are not only aerodynamic with no flapping tights snagging on your cycling seat but the compression also promotes circulation and helps your recovery on every pedal stroke. Our winter cycling gloves, socks, hats and shoe covers care for your body extremities, the most sensitive parts of your body to cold weather. Tour Cycling carries cold weather cycling apparel for men from Assos, Castelli, Craft, Gore and Louis Garneau, the best manufacturers of cycling clothing.

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