Castelli Nanoflex Leg Warmer

SKU: CAS00220
Castelli engineered the Nano-Flex fabric by coating their Thermoflex fabric with millions of ultra-tiny nanofilaments of silicone that repel water and prevent it from soaking into the fiber. The Castelli Nano-Flex Legwarmers are excellent to ride in on those rainy days when the moisture on wet roads splashes up onto your legs. These cycling leg warmers will keep your legs from getting wet and cold. They’re made with the same breathability, stretch and warmth as the Castelli Thermoflex warmers, so you have leg warmers that protect you in all the conditions you’re likely to encounter on your fall and winter rides. Even on those hard training and racing days, the silicone leg grippers keep the Nano-flex legwarmers in place and when you need to quickly get into or out of them, the ankle zips make this easy to do. Reflective logos are printed at the knee and below the calf to help you be seen in low light. Ideal for riding in temperatures that range from 42F to 65F (7C to 18C).

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rode these tights in cold drizzle and stayed dry and warm
These cycling legwarmers are nice.  I started the ride when it was a little overcast but dry and cold.  Two hours into the ride the rain started and I was an hour from my house.  These legwarmers were waterproof.  they kept out the cold rain...couldnt believe how good these are.

From: bstocktom@yahoo.com | Created on: 2/23/2011 3:49 PM

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