ASSOS T FI.13 S5 Bib Shorts

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The ASSOS T FI.13 S5 bib shorts uses the most modern technology to create one of the best racing shorts around. Engineers have combined the ASSOS devised AEPD II 6-panel race cut jersey with a combination of ASSOS high tech fabrics. The 6-panels are cut to anatomically contour your highly trained body and the fabrics compress and protect your legs from the elements. You are aerodynamic and comfortable, so while riding in the T F.I. 13 S5 you perform at your best and you feel good to be pedaling your bike whether it’s hot or chilly, wet or dry. ASSOS invented the panel at the front of the shorts to keep the fabric from clustering up when tucked over deep in the drops. In these ASSOS cycling shorts there is no chafing so you have complete comfort. The elastic microfiber mesh inserted between the bib braces and over the back does two things; it improves overall fit and keeps you dry. ASSOS added the elastic leg gripper to the leg so it’s more visible. This design of elastic restricts your legs less, yet still keeps the jersey in place. Through the AEPD II design, these ASSOS cycling bib shorts weigh less but compress more so that the material helps you to recover on each pedal stroke. The chamois in the FI.13_S5 insert is made of two layers. The layer closest to your skin is very soft while the outside layer is a high-density memory foam pad so you are protected. While it gives you maximum protection, this chamois has less volume which means it’s lighter and you can barely feel the pad. You will ride fast, be comfortable and look good in the T FI.13 S5 ASSOS cycling bib.

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The ASSOS T F.I.13 S5 is the world’s technological leader in the cycling shorts world. The technology of the FI.13 S5 has progressed from the former FI.13 S2 so that it weighs 20% less, has 20% less volume and puts nearly 25% less pressure on your genital area. The short panels and the chamois are made from fabric 35% more breathable, while offering nearly 20% more muscle compression. To understand the upgrade you have to look at the new ASSOS fabrics.

The new A430 fabric makes up the side panels of the S5.  This fabric offers superior venting, excellent muscle compression and it wicks away your sweat so you stay dry. The A431 fabric is used on the inner leg. It has less stretch than the A430 which keeps the chamois in place. This means less chafing. A second component of the A431 is the durability which keeps the bib short from degrading in the area where the shorts have the most friction. The front of the bib is made of a high elastic fabric that reduces pressure on your genitals.  The fabrics are also breathable, which enhances your performance, and provides greater compression at important muscle zones.Klinik, a carbon mesh, has also been added. It is the turquoise-colored webbing between the bib straps that reduces static between your jersey and the bibs so you have no chafing and no restrictions in your movement.

The S5 chamois has also been improved. Made of two separate pads, the large, high-density memory foam pad creates more comfort in the seat. The layer next to your skin is soft. When it stretches it’s not under so much tension so it doesn’t try to snap back which creates less chafing. The new cut at the front of the chamois also reduces genital pressure. The straps on the S5 are lighter and more vented than the S2; the leg grippers are asymmetrical The S5 is made for the high performance rider and is definitely worth the investment.