ASSOS T FI.13 Lady_S5 Bib Shorts

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ASSOS is famous for making shorts that fit women in the right places, are made with the highest quality materials, and follow the best design. The ASSOS T FI.13 Lady S-5 is the cycling bib short that is made for the high-performance woman cyclist. With AEPD (ASSOS Ergonomic Pattern Design), ASSOS uses high-tech fibers that make a short that is 25% lighter and 35% more breathable than their other women's shorts. This makes it a pleasure to ride even when the weather is hot. The cut and fabric used in these shorts can boost performance by providing 18% more compression. This means that your muscular power and endurance are maximized and fatigue is held at bay. A front panel of highly elastic fabric makes shorts that stay in place and creates a more aero position with no bunching which is essential on those high-action rides.

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The chamois has two layers. The top layer transfers moisture to the outside of the garment which results in less moisture build-up and consequent sliding in the saddle, so less chafing. Underneath the top layer is padding designed to provide protection where a woman’s body needs it.  With this advanced design, you can ride long, hard, fast, and be comfortable at the same time.

This design is the future of cycling.  At first glance, the backward-seeming bib looks strange. Yet, this strange design breaks from the traditional bib straps because it has the ABC-M, SSOS Buckle Closure Mechanism. The adjustable buckle at the center of the body, which has three loops to adjust, allows you to customize the fit of the short as a whole. You won’t have straps that flap along which increases the fit and the comfort. This is the bib that the Tour de France riders are wearing.