ASSOS earlyWinter 851 Gloves

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ASSOS’ earlyWinter 851 Gloves will keep the chill out of your hands with their maximum thermal insulation capacity. Warm gloves don’t mean heavy gloves. The earlyWinter 851 Glove is a low-volume glove that doesn’t hinder the normal agility of your hands, so you can maneuver all the levers on your bike easily, just as you can when your hands are glove-free. The grip effect is designed into the glove so you will have no problem gripping your handlebars. They can be worn with ASSOS Inner Gloves and/or their protective outer Lobster Shell. Unisex.

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* Maximum thermic insulation
* Ultra compact low-volume
* Maximum freedon of movement
* Assos grip effect with silicone pattern
* Intelligent road shock absorbing inlets