Craft Womens ACTIVE/ZERO Extreme Short Sleeve

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When it’s cold, you won’t have to worry about sweat build-up when you wear the Craft Women’s Zero Extreme Short Sleeve Crew. You can wear this crew as a base layer under your jerseys. Craft’s Pro Zero Extreme fabric will pull the sweat away from your body and into the outer part of the jersey. The sweat won’t stay on your skin and chill your body on a cool morning ride.

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Made with lightweight, Windstopper fabric, this jersey will stop the wind and the cold from penetrating to your skin. The elastic built into the fabric fits this garment to your body in any position you sit on the bike. It will move with you whether you ride hard on a climb or pedal easy along country roads. It will also regulate your body temperature so the cold and the heat that comes when riding hard in warm clothing won’t get in the way of performing your best. Being lightweight, it will fit nicely under your jersey, while at the same time it won’t slow you down the way a heavier base layer would. The flat lock seams will not cut into your skin on those long grueling rides. This jersey will fit the need of cyclists who want to stay fit in cool weather and want to continue to ride hard and long.