Craft Mens ZERO Extreme SS Crewneck

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Craft Men’s ZERO Extreme Short Sleeve Crewneck Crew Base Layer is what you need when you ride on a cool morning. The ZERO extreme is made of thin, lightweight fabric which does two things that you need in cool weather riding: it keeps your body heat close to you and fights off the cold weather. It also wicks the sweat away from your skin and out into the air, keeping you dry. At the same time, the elastic fabric and flatlock seaming makes this crewneck, which is close to your skin, comfortable and also allows your body to move freely in and out of the saddle, whether you are sprinting, descending or climbing. If it’s really cold when you start the ride, slip on Craft’s Winter Arm warmers, to give you the extra coverage you need, then pull them off as the temperature rises, and your core will still be warm wearing the Zero Extreme SS Crewneck.

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