Craft Mens Active Bike Rain Jacket

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Some rain jackets will flap around and create wind resistance slowing you down on those training rides, but Craft has designed the Men’s Active Bike Rain Jacket with 100% elastic waterproof fabric. This jacket stretches and fits your body so as you move into the wind your jacket offers no resistance. The taped seams keep water from seeping through to your jersey so you will stay dry whether you are training in the rain or commuting to work. Vent panels on the side and back let out the heat your body produces when you are riding your bike, so you will stay cool, dry and comfortable. Use the zippered rear pocket to carry items you might need while you’re riding. The jacket’s reflective prints will help to make you visible to motorists.

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Size is Tight
I bought another style of Craft and it fits tight.  I am 6'4 and the length is just long enough.  If you are any taller, avoid this brand.  I am 240, with a small gut and this is ok fit for that.

From: Guest | Created on: 12/19/2011 8:19 PM

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