ASSOS NS.13 Lady

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The ASSOS NS.13 Lady Sleeveless Cycling Jersey is designed with the classic A.E.P.D. (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design). This sleeveless jersey, cut to fit a woman’s body on a warm summer ride, is designed with both comfort and performance in mind. This anatomically contoured summer cycling jersey fits you as if it were part of your own skin. Besides being aerodynamic, this race-fit jersey also regulates your body temperature. Sweat is wicked away by the ASSOS super lightweight fabric front panels. This keeps you cool when it’s hot. On the back, the patented ASSOS Exoskeleton, gives you a cycling short sleeve jersey that fits right, whether you are on your drops accelerating in a breakaway, or pedaling smoothly and easily on a long easy ride. The full-front zipper makes it easy to get into and out of this cycling jersey. With the elastic hem on the back, this cycling jersey also stays in place when your pockets are full and you are moving around. The NS.13 Lady has a four-pocket back. This is enough space to bring food, keys, music and extra money for those extra long summer rides. For such an aero- dynamic light sleeveless cycling jersey, the NS.13 Lady offers you everything you need.

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nicest sleeveless Ive ever worn
This Assos sleeveless cycoinbg jersey is made for my body. I have always felt the sleeveless jerseys i had before were cut for men's bodies.  But this jersey fits me perfectly, there is so extra space between my skin and the jersey. It is also very very soft against my skin and today on the ride I carried two bars and my music.

From: mspinker@yahoo.com | Created on: 2/21/2011 7:41 PM

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