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The Castelli Vizio Due Women’s Short is designed to provide the perfect fit for a woman’s body. The waistband is tailored for a woman’s waist so that the shorts stay in place. The back panel is designed so women look good when they pedal full speed down the road. The bottom of the leg is open so it won’t bind and produce a “sausage” effect. Women will look and feel comfortable in this cycling short. Action micro fabric gives a soft stretch so these shorts fit properly and adjust as the wearer’s body moves. The Vizio Due short also gives perfect muscle support and compression at the right places. This increases your recovery time and allows you to ride harder for a longer period of time. Moisture won’t build up because the back quarter-panels are made of a special micro fabric for additional breathability. The KISS3 Donna chamois pad with gradated shaping and high density foam is designed to provide support where a woman needs it most. The 4-needle flat-lock stitching gives you a cycling short that is comfortable and won’t chafe your legs as you pedal your bike.

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soft around my waist
I love these Castelli cycling shorts.  I have always had problems with shorts being too tight around my waist and they leave a mark.  Castelli did something with the material around the waist because it stays in place but feels like there is no waist.  I also like the cut in these shorts.  I feel like all the panels are designed to fit each inch of my body perfectly.

From: mspinker@yahoo.com | Created on: 2/21/2011 7:44 PM

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